Hotel Selkirk - 69 a

2012       Fort Main Gate
2011 This is a recreation of the Selkirk Hotel originally located at the corner of 101 Street and Jasper Avenue.
2007 The recreation was built in 2003 and is three stories high and contains 30 rooms furnished in the 1920's style. Guests can stay overnight in the hotel.
2002 Groundbreaking area for the hotel.    

Johnson's Cafe 69 b

2003 On the lower floor is a functioning dining room seating 80 guests called Johnson's Cafe. It features a continental breakfast, a casual lunch menu with daily specials and a fine dinner menu.

Mahogany Room 69 c

2003 Also on the main floor is the Mahogany Room, a full-service bar and stand up saloon. For many years the Mahogany Room was known as Canada's longest bar.